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Nova Fish Farms Ltd Potential Breach (April 2022)

Statement regarding the breach of Rainbow trout
from a licensed saltwater aquaculture site

In accordance with the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture policy AP 17, Nova Fish Farms Ltd. publicly advises that the company had the potential breach of approximately two hundred 350 gram rainbow trout at the Roti Bay 5  (AQ#751) saltwater cage site.

During a scheduled inspection of the site on April 7, 2022, a hole was found in the bottom of the cage creating an avenue for fish to escape.  A seal was found in the cage and was identified to be the source of the hole.  The hole was immediately repaired and an assessment made of the stock and surroundings.  No escaped fish were observed outside the cage and the number of fish remaining appears substantially unchanged, based on both feeding response and inspection by a diver. Nova Fish Farms is investigating the breach of the fish cage and assessing potential fish collection measures.

The company is taking all the responsible steps under the oversight of regulators and is following all requirements under the NL Salmonid Code of Containment.


Contact: WD (Bill) Robertson CEO, Acting Ocean Trout Canada Inc. / for Nova Fish Farms Ltd. 73 Milltown Blvd. Suite #207. St. Stephen, NB  E3L 1G5 +1-877-392-1993 wdrobertson@oceantroutcanada.com