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August 20, 2018

Steelhead Reviews in bon appétit

When You’re Sick of Salmon, Steelhead Trout Is Here For You BY PRIYA KRISHNA It’s the sustainable, home-cook-friendly seafood we’re seeing everywhere right now. AUGUST 15, 2018 You’ve eaten it cured in sugar and spices at Compass Rose in D.C., blackened with Cajun spices at Tapalaya in Portland, O.R., and in the fish taco salad at your local Sweetgreen. It looks (and tastes) an awful lot like salmon, but it’s not. It’s steelhead trout, the sustainable, home-cook-friendly seafood we’re loving right now.…

July 8, 2018

Cold Water Fisheries Inc. Announces Re-Branding Initiative

Cold Water Fisheries Inc. Announces Re-Branding Initiative Montréal, QC Canada – Cold Water Fisheries Inc. has embarked on a re-brand of its corporate operations under the name of Ocean Trout Canada. The legal entity will remain Cold Water Fisheries, doing business as Ocean Trout Canada. With the focus of the company now fully on Atlantic Canada, the re-brand is aimed at acknowledging this orientation and its commitment to premium steelhead production and development of the…

July 5, 2018

Ocean Trout Canada Announces Projects With Perennia Food & Agriculture Inc. Montréal,

Montréal, QC Canada – Ocean Trout Canada is pleased to announce proposals with Perennia Food & Agriculture Inc. for new value-added product development initiatives. Perennia is a Nova Scotia-based development agency focused on the development of the seafood and agriculture industries. The company maintains a wide range of industry support resources including technical consulting, product development and CFIA-certified pilot plant capabilities. These projects will focus on the following areas: 1. Branded consumer products – assessment…


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