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About Us


In 1988, Coldwater Fisheries Inc. began operating a small flow through fish hatchery outside of Coldwater, Ontario. The company quickly expanded its operations to grow larger market sized Rainbow trout using open net sites in and around Manitoulin Island and a processing facility in Lake Huron. In the late 1990’s the company expanded its operations into Atlantic Canada, becoming the only vertically integrated Rainbow trout producer with operations in freshwater (Great Lakes), brackish water (South Coast of Newfoundland) and saltwater (SW Coast of Nova Scotia) simultaneously.

The Coldwater Fisheries of yesterday is now the Ocean Trout Canada of today. To better serve the North American marketplace, the company is focussed on producing large Steelhead trout in the Canadian Maritime provinces, with a fully integrated platform encompassing hatchery facilities, geographically diverse grow out systems and an export ready fish processing plant.



Ocean Trout Canada is focused on the production of the highest  quality steelhead trout products for seafood consumers in the North American market place. We proudly adhere to the industry standards for aquaculture production in Canada  and hold leading quality certifications for our processing capabilitiesWe maintain a comprehensive traceability program throughout our value chain supported by 3rd party audits and reviews in order to ensure a high level of product quality and supplier security. We are constantly seeking new approaches to improving our capabilities in this area and are currently evaluating the application of block chain technology to our food safety and traceability capabilities.

We are committed to the responsible farming of the oceans through the implementation of comprehensive environmental management programs. This not only includes working closing with government regulators and animal health professionals, but engaging in an active testing and evaluation regime that meets or exceeds all leading standards.





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